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Sampling and Measurements in Urban Water Engineering 2.5 HP

In this course you will learn what to consider when planning water sampling and flow measurements in urban water systems. Theory is combined with practical exercises in the field and the lab. The course covers how to measure flow in both pressurised pipes and open channels using different measurement techniques and under what conditions different techniques can be used. You will develop a sampling plan for a project of your choice and we will discuss different sampling strategies and chemical analyses and their pros and cons. You will also learn, using your own field measurements from the course, how to estimate the uncertainty in flow measurements and samples and how to calculate the resulting uncertainty in the final results from your measurement/sampling campaign. You will also learn about different methods for measurements of precipitation.

The estimated workload for this PhD course is 65 hours, of which 24 are scheduled for a three day meeting in LuleƄ. For you working in the water sector, the time to be spent on the course has been estimated to about 30 h, since some preparation is needed prior the scheduled lessons.

Course schedule

Course plan

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