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Applying for courses

  • Courses are open to doctoral students and Swedish water professionals with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in civil engineering.
  • Courses are based on doctoral studies, so HCE points are only given to those registered in a doctoral program.
  • Two examination levels may exist for doctoral students and professionals, respectively. Each course examiner decides how the examinations should be for the two groups.

Instructions for applying to a course

  • You can apply to any course listed in the course overview. 
  • You send an email to the director of studies, Catherine Paul, at email address Please include your name and the name of the course or courses you would like to apply to.
  • When you receive a reply to the email, you are registered in the course.
  • Any costs for travel, if applicable, are the responsibility of the student and supervisor.

If you are a Swedish water professional

  • Welcome!
  • You will receive a diploma to document your completion of the course.
  • At least the following is required to obtain a course diploma:
    • Tasks handed out in preparation for course meetings must be completed
    • Mandatory and active attendance at all lessons, seminars and exercises.
  • A course fee will be charged. This fee is currently 5000 SEK for each credit point (2.5 HCE = 12,500 SEK). Bankgiro information will be sent after the course is completed


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