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Goal 1: Broadly and deeply educate core doctoral students to be outstanding water experts.

Five Core doctoral students and their supervisors have salary from AquaClim and are connected to workplaces in the water sector. They take diverse courses including communication and cross disciplinary subjects, have training at a workplace, and participate in communication activities and a mentor program for the Research School.

Goal 2: Enhance education of Connected doctoral students.

Additional doctoral students will connect to AquaClim courses and activities via their connection from their Swedish Water Research Clusters and inherited from the Water Research School. Additional students will connect as they start their studies within the water sector and/or Clusters, supported by other funding sources. They have access to all doctoral level courses, the mentor program, and communication activities on the Research School.

Goal 3: Educate and engage the water sector in cities and smaller communities.

The Water Research School has always offered doctoral courses to employees within the water sector. In AquaClim, this resource for life-long learning will continue. Via the Clusters and Swedish Water, the water sector can contribute to evolving new courses to address dynamic needs for different and specific crossdisciplinary skills. Supervisors for the Core and Connected students will be from city and smaller water utilities. Inclusive communication activities will use online resources to include all participants, regardless of geographical location, noting that it is often difficult to leave responsibilities in a smaller organization, preventing participation.

Goal 4: Build long-lasting networks to transform academia, the water sector, municipalities and society.

Transformation requires sustained effort for change with graduates and water sector employees maturing into decision makers, researchers and leaders. AquaClim will connect individuals in industry and academia at an early phase in their careers, to build long-lasting relationships and create a network of support and connections in place beyond AquaClim. As graduates are employed, their knowledge will be embedded across academia, companies, and municipalities to prepare those working with water in future communities beyond the mandate of AquaClim.

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