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Module IV Course Syllabus Applying programming in data analysis in Urban Water Research

Swedish title: Module IV Tillämpning av datorprogrammering för VA-teknik

Points: 1 Hp/1 ECTS

Suitable for:

PhD students who have completed at least one doctoral course on scientific programming in Python or R for Urban Water Research.

Intended learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Use official Python or R documentation and online forums to seek and learn how to use additional functions when necessary
  • Write a well-annotated code which can be used for data analysis or modeling within his or her own research

Course format

The student writes a code to be used in his or her own research under the supervision of one of the teachers.


The course is assessed on a pass-fail scale based on evaluation of the code produced.


Kelsey Flanagan or Ico Broekhuizen


Annelie Hedström

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