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Course plan

Sampling and Measurements in Urban Water Engineering

Course Credits

2,5 Hp

English course name

Sampling and Measurements in Urban Water Engineering

Swedish course name

Provtagning och mätningar i urbana vattensystem

Course aims

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand how the choice of chemical analytical methods and sampling containers influence the sampling plan and interpretation of the results.
  • Understand the importance of representative samples/sampling/measurements and explain how different sampling strategies will influence the results.
  • Explain concepts related to analysis such as detection/quantification/reporting limit, accreditation, and standard method.
  • Understand the importance of blank/blind and control samples, and how these can be chosen for specific applications.
  • Describe different flow measurement methods and under what conditions they are applicable in urban water engineering.
  • Calculate how uncertainties in field measurements and analyses propagate into uncertainty in final results.
  • Carry out flow measurements and install flow sensors.

Course content

This course gives the fundamental knowledge of how to choose analytical methods and data collection and basic concepts in measurements and chemical analysis. The course also provides knowledge about continuous measurements and uncertainties.


The course is carried out as a distance course with one physical meeting. Prior to the physical meeting three tasks should be carried out. 1) preparation and submission of a PM describing a sampling plan which will be distributed to the other participants. 2) read the PM’s from 3-4 other participants. 3) read an article regarding the application of the Law of Propagation of Uncertainties.

During the physical meeting lectures, workshops, field and lab exercises and calculation task will be carried out.

After the physical meeting the PM should be revised based on the new knowledge and insights gained during the meeting and a short report about the flow measurement exercise and uncertainty estimation.

Four weeks prior to the physical meeting, course information, instructions and article will be sent out.


This course is examined by a PM prepared prior to the physical meeting, and revised and resubmitted after, active participation in practical field/lab exercises and a short report about flow measurements including uncertainty estimation.

Course Teacher

Helene Österlund, Ico Broekhuizen


Professor Annelie Hedström

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