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Course plan

Education level: Third cycle

Grade: Fail/Pass

Subject: Advanced Urban Wastewater Treatment

Swedish name: Avancerad Urban VA-teknik

Entry requirements: This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector. 

Course examiner: Karin Jönsson

Course aims

At the end of the course you should be able to:

·       understand the basis of the current water and wastewater system of a city.

·       understand what resources we find in wastewater and how to utilize them.

·       explain how basic and advanced processes for wastewater treatment works.

·       explain how sludge handling processes work.

·       understand how advanced control can be applied in the water sector.

·       describe future trends and challenges of the urban water system.

Course content

·       Basis for the wastewater systems we have today

o    Current driving forces

o    Visions and strategies for wastewater treatment

·       Resources in wastewater

o    Potentials in wastewater treatment - Energy, organics, nitrogen, phosphorus, heat, metals

o    Carbon utilization and hydrolysis

o    Energy producing wastewater treatment and sludge handling

·       New advanced processes for wastewater treatment

o    Phosphorus removal processes

o    New nitrogen removal processes - nitritation, denitritation, anammox. Advanced reject water treatment

o    New biofilm processes in wastewater treatment (MBBR, AGS and MABR)

o    New biofilm processes in wastewater treatment (AGS)

o    Simple tools for evaluation of carbon footprint from WWTP

o    Application of new microbiological methods in wastewater treatment systems

o    Bulking sludge control

·       Advances in sludge treatment and handling of emerging problems

o    Separation technologies, incl. membranes, DMF, MBR

o    Removal of micropollutants and microplastics from wastewater

o    Anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants

o    Advanced control

o    New challenges, Climate change, New cities

Course activities

The course is designed as an 3-day intensive course with lectures and exercises. The course also includes preparatory work (reading) and a written assignment to be handed in after the course.


Grading scale: Fail/Pass
Assessment: Active participation during lecturers and exercises. Compulsory participation in all course activities including lectures, exercises and written assignment.

Course Teacher

Senior lecturer Karin Jönsson – Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University

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