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Module II P1 Course syllabus Analysis of continuous data for Urban Water Engineering

Swedish title: Modul II, P1 Analys av kontinuerliga data i VA-teknik

Points: 2 Hp/2 ECTS

Suitable for:

PhD students who have basic Python skills

Intended learning outcomes

Upon completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Import (parts of) Python modules and manage the namespace;
  • Efficiently manipulate data and carry out calculations using Numpy and Pandas;
  • Create and format figures using Matplotlib.

Course format

Intensive course during 2 days in Luleå where you get lessons and work in a computer room with your exercises. Assignments are finalized at home after the meeting in Luleå.


The course is assessed on a pass-fail scale based on completion of exercises and active participation in the help-sessions.


Ico Broekhuizen, Senior lecturer


Annelie Hedström, professor

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