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Advanced Urban Wastewater Treatment 3 HP

This course will be given online from 16-18 March 2021

This course was first given in spring 2019. If you missed it then, you now get a new opportunity.

The starting point of the course is the more conventional processes at a wastewater treatment plant, like nitrogen and phosphorus removal, separation processes and anaerobic digestion, but we take them one step further and discuss where we are today and what future trends we can foresee.

Advanced treatment and methods are also included in the course, e.g. removal of micropollutants, new biofilm processes, carbon footprint calculations, advanced control and potentials in wastewater.

We are also looking into some of the reasons why we have the wastewater system we have today and end the course with a discussion on what new challenges we will have to meet in the future.

Detailed Schedule (update March 12)

Course Syllabus

Course coordinators

Karin J├Ânsson

Associate professor in Water and Environmental Engineering at Lund University

Jeanette Agertved Madsen

Head of R&D Wastewater at EnviDan

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