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Course plan

Advanced urban wastewater treatment

Education level

Third cycle




Advanced Urban Wastewater Treatment

Swedish name

Avancerad Urban VA-teknik

Entry requirements 

This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector. 

Course examiner

Karin Jönsson

Course aims

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • understand the basis of the current water and wastewater system of a city.
  • understand what resources we find in wastewater and how to utilize them.
  • explain how basic and advanced processes for wastewater treatment works.
  • explain how sludge handling processes work.
  • understand how advanced control can be applied in the water sector.
  • describe future trends and challenges of the urban water system.

Course content

  • Basis for the wastewater systems we have today
    • Current driving forces
    • Visions and strategies for wastewater treatment
  • Resources in wastewater
    • Potentials in wastewater treatment - Energy, organics, nitrogen, phosphorus, heat, metals
    • Carbon utilization and hydrolysis
    • Energy producing wastewater treatment and sludge handling
  • New advanced processes for wastewater treatment
    • Phosphorus removal processes
    • New nitrogen removal processes - nitritation, denitritation, anammox. Advanced reject water treatment
    • New biofilm processes in wastewater treatment (MBBR, AGS and MABR)
    • New biofilm processes in wastewater treatment (AGS)
    • Simple tools for evaluation of carbon footprint from WWTP
    • Application of new microbiological methods in wastewater treatment systems
    • Bulking sludge control
  • Advances in sludge treatment and handling of emerging problems
    • Separation technologies, incl. membranes, DMF, MBR
    • Removal of micropollutants and microplastics from wastewater
    • Anaerobic digestion at wastewater treatment plants
    • Advanced control
    • New challenges, Climate change, New cities

Course activities

The course is designed as an on-line 3-days intensive course with lectures and exercises. The course also includes preparatory work (reading) and a written assignment to be handed in after the course.


Grading scale: Fail/Pass
Assessment: Active participation during lecturers and exercises. Compulsory participation in all course activities including lectures, exercises and written assignment.

Course Teacher

Senior lecturer Karin Jönsson – Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University

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