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Storm water management 3 HP

Now to be given online February 22-24


This course covers stormwater in urban areas with a focus on sustainable, modern stormwater management including blue-green infrastructure. Questions that will be highlighted are the quantity and quality of stormwater, stormwater systems and facilities as well as their function and dimensioning. In addition to these technical features, the course deals with stormwater in planning and ecosystem services that blue-green infrastructure can provide. The course introduces computer models that can be used for modelling of stormwater systems.


The course includes 3 days of online work including lectures, discussions, and exercises. The first two days are focused on introducing stormwater management including drivers, challenges and opportunities. Stormwater flows/volumes and quality are discussed. One focus will be on Blue-green infrastructure for stormwater management. The third day will provide an insight into computer modeling tools including SWMM and Stormtac.

Course schedule

Course plan

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