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Course plan

Credits: 3 hec

Grade: Fail/Pass

English name: Stormwater management

Swedish name: Dagvatten

Intended learning outcomes:

The course provides the following knowledge/abilities: 

  • Describe urban hydrology and its effect on stormwater runoff
  •  Describe and characterize the quality of  stormwater and snow
  •  Describe the impact of urban stormwater on natural environments regarding both flows/volumes and quality
  • Explain and compare the function of different types of blue-green infrastructure to achieve a sustainable stormwater management targeting treatment and retention.
  • Describe ecosystem services connected to blue green infrastructure.
  • Know different computer models for stormwater management and be able to use selected models on a basic level.
  • Calculate stormwater flows and volumes with the rational method and know alternative methods for these calculations.

Teaching activities

The course includes three days of scheduled lectures and seminars. Recorded lectures complete the course. Two individual assignments provide (i) deeper knowledge on a selected stormwater facility and (ii) give a scientific perspective on stormwater management.


The examination is based on the individual assignments and the participant must attend all scheduled course activities and actively participate in discussions.


This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector.


Godecke Blecken



Provided during course

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