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Risk Analysis and Risk Management 3 HP

The ability to assess risks, determine the need of mitigation measures and select proper measures are of key importance in the water sector.

The overall aim of this course is to give the participants an overview of risk assessment and risk management within the water sector, with specific focus on drinking water supply. Important concepts and methods will be introduced and used in, for example, exercises and an individual project assignment to get practical experience on how to analyse and evaluate risks.

The course includes five days of scheduled workshops including lectures, discussions, exercises and presentations by the participants. The first three days are focused on introducing the concept of risk, risk assessment etc. and a set of different methods. After this the participants are asked to work on individual assignments applying one or several methods or techniques on their own research project. The work will be discussed during the workshops and the results will be presented at the last workshop. During the fourth workshop we will focus on how to link risk assessment results to decision analysis to provide useful decision support.

The course will be given as a basic course for PhD students in risk assessment, focusing on drinking water systems in Sweden. Participants are expected to have basic knowledge of drinking water supply and other water systems, but no prior knowledge of risk assessment. 

Course schedule

Course plan

Course leaders

Andreas Lindhe,

Lars Rosén

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