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The Water Energy Nexus 3HP (+2HP)

Water is important not only for water professionals. The world is a complex place with a hodgepodge of interacting problems and possibilities. We are facing complex problems and complex problems cannot be solved by looking at one component at a time. In our world of specialisation, we must realize that solutions require cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding what to expect from the other specialists.

This course aims to demonstrate and describe how climate change, water, energy, food, and lifestyle are intimately interconnected. Global warming and its impact on climate will affect every continent and nation. We must understand this interconnection and act according to this.

Students will gain knowledgeable about the water use in the energy industry, in agriculture, and in other industries.

For the student interested in more advanced studies there are options to extend the general course by studies of special areas (+2HP). These topics will be defined and discussed during the first phase of the course.

Course schedule

Course plan

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