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Course plan

Credits: 3 ECTS (+2 optional ECTS)

Grade: Fail/Pass

English name: Organic micropollutants in urban stormwater and wastewater

Swedish name: Organiska mikrof√∂roreningar i dag- och avloppsvattensystem

Intended learning outcomes:

Upon completing this course, students should be able to:

  • Define micropollutants, their sources and the systemic nature of environmental contamination by organic contaminants
  • Select and discuss appropriate research methods for working with organic micropollutants (sampling, blanks, chemical and ecotoxicological analyses, statistical analysis of data sets with many non-detects)
  • Discuss the environmental fate of organic micropollutants based on their physical chemical properties
  • Interpret concentrations of organic contaminants in terms of regulatory and ecological thresholds for toxicity
  • Describe and evaluate methods for treating organic micropollutants in urban stormwater and wastewater (green stormwater infrastructures, biological treatment, ozonation, activated carbon).  

Teaching activities:

Lectures, seminars, exercises to work with micropollutant data, calculation exercises on micropollutant treatment.


The examination is based on one assignment (plus an optional assignment for two additional ECTS). The participant must attend all scheduled course activities and actively participate in discussions.


This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector.


Michael Cimbritz



Provided during course

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