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Course schedule




May 9




Presentation of the course and participants

Lessons learnt from 20 years research on Water management in Finland.

Teachers: Kenneth M. Persson, Adj. prof. Tapio Katko, Tampere


May 10



Scientific status of different organizational choices. There is no one single best choice, but some are better than the other

Work with themes

Teachers: Kenneth M. Persson, Dr. Anna Thomasson, LU


May 11


What is the correct price for water?

Economy in the water sector in Sweden

Teachers: Prof. Jonas Nordström, LU; Kenneth M Persson


May 12


Performance of utilities – a comparison of the eight municipalities and utilities using Swedish Water (Svenskt vatten) sustainability index (hållbarhetsindex)

Work with Themes

Teachers: Tekn lic Nasik Najar, JU/LU;  Kenneth M. Persson


May 13



The historical background to South Sweden Water Supply and its strategy 2021-2031

Reports, Summary, evaluation

Teachers: Kenneth M Persson







The course will be given in person at Lund University. 


Teamwork themes for the participants to choose from:

1)            The theoretical background to water management schemes for a municipality

2)            Critical analysis of two municipal water companies – what to do and what not to do

3)            Comparison of municipal and industrial water management: similarities and differences

4)            The humans are the most important resource: an analysis of staff and HR-work in a water company

5)            A survey of organizational structures in Europe. Examples from the UK, the Netherlands, Spain and Finland

6)            What does International Water Association (IWA) say about water management – benchmarking in practice (Performance Indicators for Water Supply Services: Third Edition)

7)            Lessons learnt from the European Benchmarking Co-operation (EBC) benchmarking programme for European water- & wastewater utilities (

8)            My dream utility – and how to get there

9)            It´s the economy, stupid. The economy of the water sector



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