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Course plan

Credits: 3 hec

Grade: Fail/Pass

English name: Management in the Water Sector

Swedish name: Management i vattensektorn

Intended learning outcomes

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

  • understand and analyze the differences, benefits and limitations of public water service providers with different organizational structures in different countries.
  • understand and scrutinize different forms of performance measurements, among them benchmark systems for the water sector.
  • describe market mechanisms, funding and auditing of public water service providers
  • describe how a water utility is organized and developed.

Teaching activities

The course includes five days of scheduled lectures and seminars. The participants will choose a relevant management topic and individually or in pair disseminate it and write a short report on how the topic should be understood and applied in a given situation.


The examination will be an oral presentation of the chosen management theme during the study week and a short project report to be handed in not later than 5 weeks after the end of the course week.


This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector.


Kenneth M. Persson,


Provided during the course


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