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DAY 1 (Tuesday 12th March 2024)


09.30-10.00     Coffee and registration


10.00-10.30      Presentation of the course and the participants.

                         Expectations. Exercise – Future trends.

Driving forces, potential and visions

10.30-12.00      Basis for the wastewater systems we have today.

                         Current driving forces and potentials.

                         Visions and strategies for wastewater treatment.

                         Introduction to homework for PhD students.

12.00-13.00      Lunch

Nitrogen and phosphorus removal and new processes

13.00-14.30      New nitrogen removal processes - nitritation, denitritation,


                         New nitrogen outlet demands.

                         Advanced reject water treatment.

14.30-16.00      Exercise: Nitrogen removal, carbon source and nitrogen mass


                         Incl. coffe break and summary.

16.00- 16.45     New biofilm processes: MBBR, Aerobic Granular Sludge, MABR,


16.45-17.15      Phosphorus removal processes, hydrolysis and recovery. 

                         New phosphorus outlet demands and need for polishing.

17.15-17.30      Summary of discussion exercise.

19.00                Dinner

DAY 2 (Wednesday 13th of March 2024)


Microorganisms in wastewater and separation technologies

8.30-9.00          Bulking sludge control.

9.00-10.00        Separation technologies, incl. membranes, DMF, MBR.

10.00-10.30      Pause

Removal of micropollutants and water reuse

10.30-12.00      Removal of micropollutants incl. PFAS and microplastics from

                         wastewater and sludge. Source control. Exercise.

12.00-13.00      Lunch

13.00-13.30      Reuse of water.

Final sludge treatment technologies

13.30-14.30      Anaerobic digestion and final sludge treatment (land application,

                         pyrolysis, incineration, HTL).

14.30-15.00      Coffee break

Energy and CO2 neutrality

15.00-17.00      Energy producing and CO2 neutral wastewater treatment

                         (incl. carbon footprint) plus discussion exercise.

DAY 3 (Thursday 14th of March 2024)


08.30-09.30      Advanced control.

09.30-10.30      Application of new microbiological methods in wastewater

                        treatment systems.

10.30-11.00      Coffee break

Holistic transformation towards environmental sustainability

11.00-11.30      Practical experiences with measurement and reduction of N2O and

                         methane emissions.

11.30-12.00      Simple tools for evaluation of carbon footprint from WWTPs.

12.00-13.00      Lunch

13.00-14.00      Exercise carbon footprint calculation.

14.00-14.30      Introduction to LCA, Eco-efficiency and MCA in wastewater


14.30-15.00      LCA and MCA for evaluation for different technology concepts

                         incl. coffee break.

15.00-15.30      New challenges. Climate change. New cities. Infiltration/Inflow. CSO.

15.30-16.00      Exercise

16.00-16.30      Evaluation. Closing.

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