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The following courses are planned within the Water Research School

Preliminary list of courses, when they will be given and who is responsible. More information about the courses can be found using the menu to the left. Detailed course descriptions will be available at least one semester before the course is given.


VT 2017 Populärvetenskapligt skrivande (the course will be given in Swedish). VA-teknik Södra finished

HT 2017 Riskanalysis and risk management in the water sector (3 hec). DRICKS finished

VT 2018 From Research to Policy for Sustainable Development (3 hec). DRICKS finished

VT 2018 Management for the water sector (3 hec). SWR/VA-teknik Södra finished

VT 2018 Water Energy Nexus (3+2 hec). SWR finished

HT 2018 Urban Drainage (2+3 hec). Dag&Nät finished

HT 2018 Drinking water (2+3 hec). DRICKS finished

VT 2019 Waste water (3+3 hec). Va-teknik Södra/VA-kluster Mälardalen finished

VT 2019 Measurements, uncertainties, and statistics (3 hec). Dag&Nät/VA-kluster Mälardalen finished

HT 2019 Modeling and uncertainty analysis (3+2 hec). VA-kluster Mälardalen finished

HT 2019 Popular science writing for water researchers (3 hec) VA-teknik Södra finished

VT 2020 Water, sustainable development and LCA (3 hec). Dag och nät/DRICKS finished

VT 2020 Automation (3 hec). VA kluster Mälardalen ongoing

HT 2020 Waste water (2020) (3 + 3 hec) Va-teknik Södra/VA-kluster Mälardalen open for registration


Application and admission to courses

The courses within the Water Research School normally have a limited number of participants. Members of the research school will be given priority. As far as possible, each cluster will be given the same number of participants. The steering committee decides who are allowed to participate in the courses, this should normally be done two months before the course starts. If there still are vacancies left, other PhD students, members of the Swedish Water & Wastewater Association or others working within the area of urban water sector can also apply to the courses as long as they fulfil the requirements (normally a Master degree, or equivalent). A course fee of 5000 SEK will be charged for professionals working in the water sector to cover the extra expenses.

Courses are given free of charge to members of the research school. The Water Research School will pay travel costs (up to 3000 SEK per course) and accommodation (up to 500 SEK per night) for members of the Water research school. If a student cancel their application without a valid reason within two months before the course start a fee of 2000 SEK will be charge unless the vacancy can be filled with another participant.


How to apply

Apply to the courses open for registration by sending an email to the director of studies; include your name and the name of the course.