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Water Research School


The Water Research School is a collaboration between The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association through the research clusters VA-teknik Södra, DRICKS, VA-kluster Mälardalen, and Dag&Nät and Sweden Water Research, involving researchers from seven Universities in Sweden. The aim of the research school is to establish a platform for research education of high international quality within the water sector and support community building and collaboration between individual PhD student, supervisors and Universities.

The aim will be achieved by the following activities:

  •  PhD courses, currently 12 courses and one educational study tour are planned; there will be one to two courses per semester from 2017 until 2020. The courses will be given at the different participating Universities. Participation in courses within the research school is free of charge for the members of the Water Research School. Travel costs and accommodation will in general be covered by the research school.
  • Yearly seminars, every year a seminar with a specific theme will be given.
  • Networking, the research school will create meeting points encouraging PhD students to interact both socially and scientifically.
  • A mentorship program will be launched where experienced mentors will guide PhD students to improve performance and support them in their career now and in the future.


Who can participate?

The research school is open for PhD students associated to the clusters, VA-Teknik Södra, Dricks, VA-kluster Mälardalen, and Dag&Nät or Sweden Water Research.


What is in it for you?

As a member in WRS you will meet and interact with fellow PhD students within the water sector. You get to visit different research environments in Sweden and participate in courses of high international standard. You can participate in the yearly seminar, give and listen to interesting talks, participate in workshops and social events. You will get access to the mentorship program. Members of the research school have priority for courses and other activities with limited numbers of participants.


What is expected from you?

Members of the research school are expected to take at least three courses arranged by WRS, participate in the yearly seminar and participate in the mentorship program.


How can I apply?

Please fill in the application form to the left to enroll!


How can I find out more about WRS?

Contact the director of studies, Magnus Persson (, 046 2228990).