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Course plan

Credits: 3 hec

Grade: Fail/Pass

English name: Popular Science Writing in Swedish for Water Researchers

Swedish name: Populärvetenskapligt skrivande på Svenska för vattenforskare

Intended learning outcomes:

The course provides the following knowledge/abilities:

  ability to reflect on and apply some rhetorical patterns in popular science texts and press statements written in Swedish.

•  ability to describe and contrast some common text structures in popular science genres and press statements written in Swedish and English.

  ability to contrast Swedish and English popular science and science writing by identifying some differences between genres in the two languages - both at the level of the text and in terms of sentence structure.

•  ability to reflect on a writing process where science is communicated to the public (draft, revision, proof-reading

  ability to analyse, discuss and develop writing strategies related to popular science genres and press statements from the perspective of the participant’s discipline and informed by rhetorical models and peer discussions.

  ability to give constructive peer response on peers’ texts – both in writing and in speech.

For a passing grade the doctoral student must demonstrate willingness to engage in collegial discussions on writing and text structures.


Teaching activities:

Lectures, seminars, exercises to prepare a short popular science text.


The examination is based on Written assignments. Compulsory attendance in all seminars; written assignments; peer response.


This course is open for PhD students and for participants from the water sector.


Michael Cimbritz   


Provided during course

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